Group Yoga Guidance


The Yoga in You

Ever feel you are searching for something, outside of yourself?  Whatever it is, chances are you already know it, possess it,

and contain it inside of you. The challenge is to clear the cobwebs, settle the fog, and come see for yourself . . .      The Yoga In You

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Yoga Nidra

custom yoga & Meditation retreaTS

Are you interested in hosting your own yoga or meditation retreat inviting your own guests to your special location in the Northern VA - Maryland area?  (Retreat sites can be recommended)  References available from previous nine retreats.  Please contact me to coordinate your next experience! 

Yoga In-Depth

Independent Study

Small, all-levels group classes in a comfortable, inviting space exploring different yoga styles (vinyasa to restorative).  May include pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy.  Groups are usually less than twelve students which provides more one-on-one instruction and assistance with their practice.  Students learn about their own modifications and are able to request certain aspects they would like to learn.  Small classes are generally less intimidating to new yoga students and often cultivates a sense of community. 

Choose from a list of specific topics of interest which will broaden your understanding and enrich your life and yoga practice.  Includes power point topic presentation, Q & A, take home materials, and book recommendations. (60 minutes/$55 pp)

By dictionary definition, meditation means to reflect upon, ponder, or contemplate.  It comes from the Latin meditari which means to think about or consider.  The root word of meditate, med, means to take appropriate measures."  Sounds great!  Simple?  Why it may be simple in nature and design, it can be anything but simple to do.  Learn just where to begin meditating and how to become the witness to your sometimes overactive mind.  Regularly meditating already?  Deepen your existing practice with a fresh perspective of techniques and tools.  

Blend of consultation and practice (60 minutes/$55 pp)

Experiencing stress, hypertension, migraines, diabetes, asthma, ulcers, skin diseases, digestive disorders, depression or insomnia?  Yoga Nidra can help balance your body, focus your mind, and lift your spirits!  Also known as wakeful sleep, Yoga Nidra is an ancient systematic method of guided relaxations using imagery, breath awareness, and body scanning.  The perfect antidote for the frantic pace and over-stimulated nervous system running through our daily lives.  Blend of consultation & practice (60 min/$55 pp) 

*Completion of "Yoga Nidra" In-Depth Independent Study (see above) topic is required prior to this session.  (Bundle both sessions - Yoga Nidra Independent Study and Yoga Nidra Practice - together but scheduled separately:  $95: save $15)