Workshops are a great tool to grow your practice and expand your yoga knowledge. Coordinate a date and time and invite your family and friends for a fun yoga class or workshop together!   Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family reunion or graduation! 

Choose a yoga topic presentation such as:  

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Every Day Stress Less Living Techniques
  • Vinyasa Yoga & Sun Salutations
  • Boosting Your Immune System
  • Refine & Realign:  Spring Cleaning with Yoga
  • .... and more! 

All workshops include a topic presentation with take home materials in addition to an asana practice.  Workshops are offered in the Yoga In You Studio on various topics and students on the Yoga In You distribution list are invited as these events are scheduled.  To add yourself to the list or to inquire about currently scheduled workshops, please complete the online form on the contact page.  

Recommended Resources

The Yoga in You

Ever feel you are searching for something, outside of yourself?  Whatever it is, chances are you already know it, possess it,

and contain it inside of you. The challenge is to clear the cobwebs, settle the fog, and come see for yourself . . .The Yoga In You

Host your own workshop or special yoga class at The Yoga In You Studio! 

Thanks to everyone for their dedication to practice here at the studio which opened in 2011.

An even bigger thank you for all the word-of-mouth referrals:  You are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of growing this yoga community and it means so much!  

the Yoga for you

One of the special features you will find from a private studio is classes are smaller, usually less than 12, as compared to other group classes which gives students more attention and assistance to their practice from the teacher.  Students are able to learn more about their own modifications and are also able to request certain aspects they would like to learn.  Small classes are less intimidating to new yoga students and it cultivates a sense of community with other students and the teacher.

Session Student Incentive Discounts

There are various styles of an asana practice:  cooling restorative to a heating vinyasa.  I'm open to teaching a style that best fits your levels and interests.

Fees are dependent on the following: 

  • Choose the size of your class: 

       Semi-Private (2-3 students) or

       Group (5+ students Fall, Winter, Spring; 4+ students Summer)

  • Choose the length of your class

        (60, 75 or 90 min)

  • Choose how often class meets
  • Choose who will attend class
  • Request 48 hour confirm/cancel

"Welcome Back"
If you've been away from the studio or practice for at least two sessions, now is the time to return to the practice.  Previously enrolled session students who are not currently enrolled are invited to come back for their next session and receive $10 off (once per calendar year).

"Refer a Friend"
Refer a new friend to any Yoga In You class and they  receive their first class free.  Also, when they register for a session, you receive $10 off your next session for each friend referral regardless where either of you attend class. The friend does not need to attend the same class or location.  

"Twice as Nice"
Get your yoga fix twice a week!  Now is a great time to make the commitment to double up and practice twice a week.  Register for one session at the regular rate and receive the second session rate for $20 off! 

To manage class sizes and registration, please register at your earliest convenience prior to the first class.  Please mention any incentive discount for your rate (one discount per registration please!)  To register for the session:  Complete the online form on the home page and drop off payment at class or mail to The Yoga In You studio (contact directly for address or refer to the FAQ page which may have been previously sent to you).  A confirmation will be sent before the start of the session.

*Welcome Back, Refer a Friend, and Twice as Nice do not apply during Restorative Mini-Sessions.

Inclement Weather Policy:  The inclement weather policy follows Fairfax County school closures; delays whenever possible.  If a class cannot be delayed to follow Fairfax County due to other extenuating circumstances, class will be canceled.  However, the option to cancel class is always a possibility outside of FCPS decision such as if there is a power outage at the house (yes, this has happened!).  Updates are posted to the website at the earliest convenience so please check the home page first.   The canceled class can be made up at other classes during the remainder of the session.  If the cancellation falls on the last week of the session, the class can be credited toward the next session.  

Does the current group schedule not fit your own?  Form Your Own Yoga Class!