Workshops are a great tool to grow your practice and expand your yoga knowledge. Coordinate a date and time and invite your family and friends for a fun yoga class or workshop together!   Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, family reunion or graduation! 

Choose a yoga topic presentation such as:  

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Every Day Stress Less Living Techniques
  • Vinyasa Yoga & Sun Salutations
  • Boosting Your Immune System
  • Refine & Realign:  Spring Cleaning with Yoga
  • .... and more! 

All workshops include a topic presentation with take home materials in addition to an asana practice. Workshops are offered for six or more students.   A yoga retreat away from home with a group of your choice is also a way to connect with nature, each other and yourself.  If you're interested, please complete the online form on the contact page.  

Recommended Resources

Ever feel you are searching for something, outside of yourself?  Whatever it is, chances are you already know it, possess it,

and contain it inside of you. The challenge is to clear the cobwebs, settle the fog, and come see for yourself . . .      The Yoga In You

the Yoga for you

Host your own workshop or Yoga retreat

Thanks to everyone for their dedication to practice here at the studio which opened in 2011.

An even bigger thank you for all the word-of-mouth referrals:  You are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of growing this yoga community and it means so much!  

The Yoga in You